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Network security, or "Cybersecurity" used to consist of having a decent Antivirus program on your computer and changing your passwords regularly.  Of course, that was over a decade ago and the threat landscape has changed considerably.  AXEON Technologies focuses on our clients' cybersecurity and we promote 4 main "pillars" of cybersecurity.

They are:

  1. Network Edge Security -this refers to the firewall between your internal network and the internet

  2. Endpoint Security -this refers to the workstations, server and other network devices within your network

  3. User Securty -this refers to passwords, identity and user authentication

  4. Backup/Recovery -this is the "failsafe" for when threat actors succeed partially or completely

 We've just begun building out this web resource and more content will soon follow.  If you'd like to have a free cybersecurity review or engage our services to protect your network from threat actors that want your data and your money, then please contact us here.