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Our parts inventory is primarily for the purpose of assisting us in our service work but we have found that there are several parts and accessories that are not well represented in our region, forcing would be customers to order online so we stock an array of parts that is focused on convenience and serving a niche that is largely unrepresented locally. We also have a focus on quality, not just price so you will not find poor-quality items in our store.

  • Some examples of what we stock:
  • 500 Watt Power Supplies with 5 Year Warranties
  • Quality Monitors with 3 Year Warranties
  • A variety of power, data and video adapters
  • External Hard Drive Chassis (you supply the drive)
  • USB WiFi Adapters
  • Routers
  • and more...

We will be including some pricing on this page in the future. Please feel free to inquire about what we carry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .